5 Pocono Hikes To Explore: Trail Gems Every Adventurer Will Love

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The Pocono Mountains, a stunning spot in northeastern Pennsylvania, perfect for your next hiking trip! With more than 2400 square miles of beautiful woods, rocky landscapes, rugged terrain, and more than 150 tranquil lakes, it offers a range of hiking trails for all skill levels.

You probably already know this but we’ll give you a friendly reminder! Hiking can be a rewarding and fulfilling activity for your vacation, offering a variety of benefits that contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience. Elavate your pocono vacation experience by mixing scenic beauty with physical activity.

The region offers a variety of trails suitable for hikers of different skill levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. The Poconos are known for their scenic beauty, diverse landscapes, and abundance of outdoor activities. The best part? A Pocono hiking trip is good for solo adventurers, couples, families, and friends. Everyone is welcome!

“Hiking and happiness go hand in hand (or foot in boot).” – Diane Spicer

Let’s dive into the five best hikes in the Poconos that guests at Countryside Cottages love to discover:

1. Mount Minsi via the Appalachian Trail
Mount Minsi via the Appalachian Trail

Perfect for: Intermediate hikers and fall foliage enthusiasts
Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 2-3 hours

The Appalachian Trail, spanning over 229 miles across Pennsylvania, including a breathtaking 45-mile stretch through the Pocono Mountains, provides a well-marked trail open year-round. Commencing at the charming village of Delaware Water Gap, this trail takes you through lovely rhododendron tunnels, mossy rocks, and past several waterfalls. The summit of Mount Minsi treats you to breathtaking views of the Delaware River and New Jersey’s Mount Tammany.

2. Lock 31 Canal Trail
Lock 31 Canal Trail

Ideal for: History enthusiasts and easy-going hikers
Distance: 1.6 miles
Duration: 1 hour

Back in the 19th century, mule-pulled barges cruised along the Delaware and Hudson Canal, transporting coal from Pennsylvania to New York City. Beginning in Hawley, this trail follows their historic route, going along the canal’s grassy towpath and cutting through a 16-acre park. During the summer, this hike becomes a hotspot for birdwatchers keeping an eye out for bald eagles and other local bird species.

3. Bushkill Falls (Red Trail)

A must for: Waterfall enthusiasts and intermediate hikers
Distance: 2 miles
Elevation gain: 350 feet

Known as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania,” Bushkill Falls is a privately owned treasure in Pike County, PA. The park boasts eight stunning waterfalls, and the red trail is the way to see all eight of them in their full glory. While this trail is best for more experienced hikers, the shorter trails within Bushkill Falls make it a great destination for hikers of all levels.

4. Dingmans Creek Trail
Dingmans Creek Trail

Perfect for: Those seeking a handicap-accessible waterfall hike
Distance: 0.8 miles
Elevation gain: 162 feet
If you’re in search of an accessible waterfall hike within the Poconos, the Dingmans Creek Trail is your answer. This trail offers a serene experience for all, regardless of physical ability using wheelchairs/mobility equipment or strollers. There are benches along the route for resting.

5. Indian Trail

Great for: Novice hikers
Location: Big Pocono State Park
Duration: 48 min

The Indian Trail stands as the easiest route within Big Pocono State Park. Situated on Camelback Mountain, this state park showcases breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The trail is very rocky, so closed-toe shoes are recommended.

Embark on Your Pocono Hiking Adventure

These are just a taste of the top hikes in the Poconos that you can enjoy during your stay at Countryside Cottages. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a newbie to the trails, there’s a path that’s perfect for you in the heart of the Pocono Mountains.

Need more reasons to plan your Pocono hiking trip? Here are 5!

1. **Scenic Beauty:** The Pocono Mountains are renowned for their picturesque landscapes, featuring rolling hills, dense forests, and serene lakes. Taking a hiking trip to the Poconos allows you to immerse yourself in the region’s natural beauty, offering breathtaking views and the opportunity to explore diverse ecosystems.

2. **Abundance of Trails:** The Pocono Mountains boast a vast network of hiking trails suitable for all levels of hikers. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy stroll or an experienced hiker seeking a challenging ascent, the Poconos offer a variety of trails that cater to different preferences and fitness levels.

3. **Waterfalls and Gorges:** The Poconos are home to numerous waterfalls and gorges, adding an extra element of beauty to your hiking experience. Trails such as those in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area lead you to stunning waterfalls and provide a chance to marvel at the natural wonders created by rivers and streams.

4. **Outdoor Recreation:** Beyond hiking, the Poconos offer a wide range of outdoor activities, including birdwatching, fishing, and wildlife observation. Many trails lead to scenic spots where you can relax, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

5. **Year-Round Appeal:** The Pocono Mountains are a destination for all seasons. Whether you visit during the vibrant colors of fall foliage, the crisp air of winter with opportunities for snowshoeing, the blossoming of spring, or the warmth of summer, the Poconos provide a captivating backdrop for your hiking adventures throughout the year.

In summary, a hiking trip to the Poconos offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, diverse trails, water features, outdoor recreation, and year-round appeal, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a rewarding and immersive outdoor experience.

So, lace up your hiking boots and get ready to embark on an incredible journey through the great outdoors. Always remember, the joy of hiking is not just in reaching your destination but in savoring every step of the adventure.

Hiking Trails Awaits!

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