Creating lasting memories for guests since 1960! The Strand Family continues to welcome visitors from across the United States to Countryside Cottages. Nestled in the picturesque Pocono Mountains, we are looking forward to sharing this amazing piece of the country with you.

Whether you are looking for a destination for your family vacation, romantic getaway, or fun weekend with friends, this family run resort of quaint cottages is the ideal setting for any occasion. Each of our lodges offers the full comforts of home with the added advantage of having nature’s beauty just outside your window.

Close your eyes and imagine the peaceful sounds of birds chirping and smell the fresh clean air. This is what you will experience each day during your stay with us in our Pocono cabin rentals.

At Countryside Cottages, you will find a welcoming pool area, spacious green fields, a recreation room chock full of games, and plenty of quiet places to just sit and relax. We take pride in being the coziest Pocono cabin rentals within the area! Take your pick from one of our 10 spacious mountain cottages.

Our convenient location means you can visit a wide array of local attractions including ski resorts, golf courses, shopping destinations, restaurants, and more.


Our deluxe rustic cottages are located in a picturesque rural setting in beautiful Pocono mountains. You’ll have enough room to connect with nature, relax and have fun with your kids, friends and pets.

Our Pocono Mountains vacation rentals come in 2 to 6 bedroom units with double and single beds. To keep the perfect temperature, we provide automatic heat. For your comfort, we offer a cozy fireplace, comfortable sofa beds, and cable television so you won’t miss the big game.

Especially appealing for families, we offer fully equipped kitchens with a full sized refrigerator, stove, pots and pans, drinking cups, dishes, and utensils. Whether you want to prepare a few sandwiches to go or a special dinner, our full kitchens accommodate all your needs.

At Countryside Cottages, you’ll find all the amenities of home so you can enjoy the perfect getaway!


There is a reason why some places are more popular than others. Location! Countryside Cottages is located within minutes of a wide array of attractions, including all the major ski slopes, shopping, horseback riding, paintball, rafting, golfing, theaters, and much more!

The Poconos is renowned for its state parks. Plan to visit Big Pocono State Park while you are staying with us. With four seasons of breathtaking views, there are a wide array of outdoor pursuits to please the most finicky of family or friends.

Our local state parks are not only great places to hike, bike and raft, they are the perfect spot for a picnic, a friendly game of frisbee, and some fishing. Many of the park activities are also ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible.

Put your iPads away, connect with each other the old fashion way, and enjoy pure family fun. Our helpful staff will answer all your questions and guide you to the best attractions in the Pocono Mountains.

For pure fun and unforgettable memories, book your Pocono vacation stay with Countryside Cottages in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!

What are you waiting for?! Nature is calling!

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Here at Countryside Cottages we offer cabin rentals for every group. Our cabins can accommodate from 2 to 25 guests, perfect for a romantic getaway or a large family retreat.
Check out our available cabins below and pick the one that best fits your needs.


Every season is the ideal time to travel to the Poconos; all you need to do is plan your trip there! You can engage in activities during the spring that let you enjoy the environment’s colorful backdrops.


Every season is the ideal time to travel to the Poconos; all you need to do is plan your trip there! You can engage in activities during the spring that let you enjoy the environment’s colorful backdrops.


You can go ice skating, sleigh rides, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing during the winter. But, of course, the two most popular sports are skiing and snowboarding.


Families usually book fall trips, and there are many different things to do. People also frequent restaurants during this time.


At Countryside Cottages, we have been bringing families together for over 60 years. We offer ten rental cottages to choose from that accommodate a wide range of occupants.

Looking for a quiet weekend with the kids? Book our Woodbrook or Woodrest cottage; both feature two bedrooms and can sleep five people. Hosting a family reunion? We have you covered. Featuring 6 bedrooms, our Countryside Lodge accommodates up to 25 guests.

From weekend retreats with a small group of friends to bachelor parties and more, our cozy Pocono cabin rentals come fully equipped with a fireplace for cold winter nights and picnic tables for warm summer evenings under the stars.

Our conveniently located cottages offer the perfect lodging for those who love the outdoors. Skiing in the winter season, hiking, bike riding, and canoeing in the spring, summer, and fall.

Did we mention the pool? Yes, at Countryside all our guests can go for a swim in our inground pool or relax poolside with a good book. For those who like a little friendly competition, we provide everything you need for a fun game of volleyball or baseball. Our recreation room is packed with a vast selection of games.

This has been our community for a very long time, so we know all the best places to visit. Just ask a member of our team if you need suggestions.

Consider taking your kids on a family vacation rather than buying them a new toy or video game. According to studies, a break from the city can help your child’s overall development. After experiencing a beautiful world outside of their home, they return happier.

An active family vacation to a natural-surrounding vacation spot (ideally without the portable electronics interrupting the trip) can re-establish relationships between parents and children, calm frayed nerves, and promote relaxation for everyone. It is not uncommon that parents and kids frequently spend days together without having a meaningful conversation these days. Sometimes, a family only has uninterrupted time to interact when they travel together.

Families enjoy spending time together while on vacation by going for walks on the grass, going on adventures, swimming in the ocean, and laughing at jokes over lunch. It shouldn’t be understated that these laid-back moments parents spend with their kids can forge enduring bonds.

A vacation can become a fun adventure for the entire family when there are exciting places to explore, like the Pocono Mountains. Children become more curious when they visit new places. From the fantastic flora and fauna to the people, there is much to see and experience. Thanks to these trips, kids can learn that there is a fascinating world different from what they already know.


Everyone needs a few days away to relax and recharge. A Poconos cabin is the perfect place to kick off your shoes, put on your ski gear and head for the crisp air and powdery snow with the one you love.

Our white water rafting enthusiasts come back each spring and summer to get their rush of adrenaline and thrills. At the end of your day, snuggle up by the fire with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the silence.

Celebrating an anniversary or a birthday? The Poconos offers a wide range of indoor activities as well. Head over to the Mohegan Sun or Mount Airy and try your luck at blackjack. Visit one of our highly rated restaurants and then take in a concert at Penn’s Peak.

Did you know that the Poconos is wine country? Immerse yourself in all that is wine at one of the area’s premiere wineries. Tour the facility, taste the wine, and dine on an array of gourmet offerings.

Not into wine? We encourage you to spend an afternoon at one of the local breweries or distilleries. Enjoy the finest wines and spirits brewed right here in the Poconos and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Book your romantic getaway today!

Just like love, romance too is in the eye of the beholder. What some couples find appealing, others could dislike with a passion. However, certain things are ideal for almost all couples, and spending the weekend in a cozy cabin in the woods definitely fits that description. It’s the perfect setting for both a little adventure and much-needed peace and quiet.

A standalone cabin is always a solid alternative for couples looking for some alone time. Hiking, board games, and occasionally room service are all available options. You might make a fire and cuddle up under a blanket or enjoy a bottle of wine together on the porch if the weather is warm enough.

And while it’s true that the highs and lows of traveling together could cause some friction here and there, it may also strengthen your relationship. So, if you’re organizing a trip for Valentine’s Day, a destination wedding, a significant anniversary, or simply looking for a quiet weekend away from your routine, why not visit the Poconos?


Book your stay at Countryside Cottages! We’re conveniently located at 2863 Bartonsville Ave, Bartonsville, PA 18321

• 12-minute drive from the Stroudsburg town center

• 20-minute drive from Camelback Mountain

• 2-hour drive from Philadelphia

• 2-hour drive from New York City


Pet boarding facilities are expensive and can be a source of stress for many dogs and cats. Don’t leave your furry friend behind!

While most city vacation spots don’t allow pets, they can roam freely alongside you for meaningful bonding time in a natural-surrounding vacation spot. For example, spending several days at the lake or going on hikes through the forest with their owners is a dream come true for many dogs. And it also gives you a chance to relax and unwind while perhaps working on a new game or trick to teach.

Seeing your pet surrounded by nature can be pretty adorable too. As corny as it sounds, to see your dog so joyful as it rushes by you on a walking trail with an expression of pure happiness on its face should make the trip to the Pocono Mountains worth it.

At Countryside Cottages, we welcome your well-mannered pet with open arms. All we ask is that you follow our Pet-friendly accommodation guidelines to maintain the safety of your pet and all our other guests. There is a limit of two pets per cottage with a fee of $15 per night for one pet and $25 per night for two.

Please keep your pets on a leash when walking on the grounds and clean up any waste thoroughly and quickly. We allow tie out cables no longer than 15 feet as long as you are present. Please do not leave your dog tied out alone as this may pose a danger to your pet and other guests. The pool is off limits to pets with no exceptions.

Always remember to visit your vet and ensure that your dog or cat is up to date with all their vaccinations before traveling with them. We reserve the right to ask for proof of vaccinations from a certified veterinarian as specified on our pet policy form.

If you have any questions about our pet friendly cabin vacation rentals, please contact us so that we can ease any concerns you may have.


When we break free of our daily routines, explore unknown places, and open ourselves to new perspectives, it recharges our minds and bodies. Vacations give us something to look forward to and a break from the daily commotion of our hectic schedules, enabling us to unwind and recharge. Actually, research suggests that simply getting excited about a trip can increase our happiness.

Of course, if we go on a vacation that includes outdoor activities, like a trip to the Poconos, we can also take advantage of all the mental, physical, and even spiritual benefits that nature offers. A time-tested method of easing stress and regaining strength is to immerse yourself in nature. Traveling to a natural-surrounding vacation spot can enhance cognitive function, lower stress, and keep you active.

This is particularly true if you are already beginning to feel burned out because of myriad issues like relationship problems, career challenges, or those never-ending financial obligations we all hate. In these situations, a trip into nature is perhaps your best option to reset and recharge. Besides, it could be the adventure you’re looking for to escape from the monotony.

Here’s what a Pocono vacation can do for you:

Spending time in nature can help you relax and reset your logical thinking. While going rock climbing in the Poconos doesn’t require you to be an adventurer or an adrenaline junkie, you can just stay somewhere where nature surrounds you and allow yourself to breathe fresh air and get some much-needed vitamin D. This will impact your perception, and there are scientific studies that back this up.

According to research cited in a 2009 Boston Globe article, hospital patients recover more quickly when they can see trees outside their windows, and women living in public housing can concentrate better when their apartments overlook a green area instead of concrete. Plus, even a brief glimpse of nature enhances brain function by giving the brain a break from the demanding cognitive processing of urban landscapes.

Many believe that the constant influx of information and images that characterize modern life has a detrimental impact on our capacity to manage our attention to such a degree that concentrating on the task at hand can be impossible when there’s always something interrupting you. In these circumstances, a trip to the outdoors can be helpful. Nature offers a chance to hear and reconnect with your thoughts without all the city’s distractions.

Stephen Kaplan, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, proposes that immersion in nature may have a healing effect. In fact, according to recent studies, kids exposed to nature are more capable of staying focused than kids who rely on screens more.

According to research, spending time in nature helps the brain perform higher-level creative tasks like problem-solving. The study, titled Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings, published in the academic journal PLOS ONE, demonstrated that spending four days in nature and cutting off from multimedia and technology improves performance on problem-solving tasks.

Nature stimulates us by appealing to most of our senses. A two-week trip to the Poconos or just strolling through a nearby city park can spark your imagination. There is mounting evidence that being around nature bolsters your creativity. Go for a nature walk the next time you have trouble coming up with ideas or suffer from writer’s block. With each step, you’ll notice that your creative juices start flowing.

Natural England’s health advisor Dr. William Bird has gathered proof that going outside to the countryside, parks, or gardens makes people healthier and more well-adjusted. According to Bird, studies have shown that people who are cut off from nature have a higher risk of developing depression and anxiety, while those exposed to green spaces experience report feeling less stressed after just a few minutes.

Other research shows that walking outside in a calm, natural setting helps people with mental health issues. This is because being in tune with nature significantly reduced depression symptoms, improving how they were feeling.

When you take a vacation in the great outdoors, you won’t have to worry about spending $100 on theme park tickets. A trip to the outdoors can be much less expensive than one to a city, depending on where you go. Because you will probably prepare your meals, whether over a fire or in a cabin’s kitchen, nature getaways are typically less expensive.

It costs nothing to sit by a river, walk in a forest, or trek around a mountain. Outdoor entertainment and activities are frequently also free. If there is a fee, like for entering a national park or renting a canoe, it is probably not very much. You’ll remember these “free” experiences long after returning home.


It all started after World War II when the area began to be referred to as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” Due to the area’s beauty and peace, the soldiers returned and spent their honeymoons there. Also, something interesting started to appear in one of the resorts: The heart-shaped tubs. However, the area began to decline in the late 1980s due to the deregulation of airlines and the entry of cruise lines as the years passed. However, if you go to this region, you can still find certain “legacy attractions” that date back to earlier times.

The area has been reinventing itself as time has gone on, making sure to fit its reality to the tourist activities that people desire to engage in today. They are now concentrating on family-friendly indoor waterparks, convention centers for corporate travelers, and sports fanatics’ favorite outdoor activities.


The Pocono region is renowned for the breathtaking views that await you there. With 2,400 square miles of mountains, rivers, and lakes, this area is the ideal spot to get in touch with nature and have a wonderful time. As a result, the region is sometimes referred to as the World’s Honeymoon Capital.

The Pocono area includes Wayne, Pike, Monroe, and Carbon counties in Pennsylvania. Click on the county names below to learn more about what makes them a must-visit spot!

This is where the American railroad was founded. In 1829, the first steam locomotive was transported across the ocean and installed on the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company’s lines in Honesdale. You can go to the Wayne County Historical Society & Museum once you’re there to see an exact reproduction of it. Fishing, canoeing, and rafting are a few activities visitors can engage in.

The Minisink, Lenape, and Paupack Indians are mentioned in historical accounts of Pike County. Original communities and historical structures can be found all across the region. The Paint Quality Institute designated Milford as one of Pennsylvania’s “Prettiest Painted Places.” The oldest wire suspension bridge in the nation is at the Zane Grey Museum.

In Monroe County, tourism is the leading economic sector. Monroe County, the most populous of the four counties in the Pocono Mountains, is regarded as the eastern ‘gateway to the Poconos’ across the Delaware Water Gap. Sullivan’s Trail is a popular attraction for tourists in Monroe County. Pocono Raceway, a well-liked tourist destination close to Blakeslee in the western Pocono Mountains, is also located in Monroe County. In the summer, it holds two NASCAR Cup Series events.

Being in an area with crystal-clear lakes, expansive farmland, and rough mountains, Carbon County offers outdoor recreation all year. Winter tourists can enjoy lots of fun on the slopes at one of three ski resorts: Blue Mountain Resort in Palmerton, Big Boulder Ski Area near Lake Harmony, or Jack Frost Mountain in White Haven. Mauch Chunk Lake Park, Lehigh Gorge State Park, and Hickory Run State Park are three state parks and two recreation areas in Carbon County that are excellent places to see the fall foliage.


The ideal Pocono visit strikes a balance between the outdoors, history, and entertainment for all ages. You can start the day by visiting some of the local museums, eating supper in a classy restaurant, and then spending the rest of the day relaxing in the resort of your choice. Make sure to set out a day to enjoy the outdoors and any outdoor activities you like, including horseback riding, skiing, and hiking.

Here are some ideas for your upcoming visit:

Big Pocono State Park:

The park spans 1,306 acres of rocky terrain on Camelback Mountain’s peaks and slopes and offers picturesque vistas of three states. Camelback Mountain Resort collaborates to preserve the amenities in Big Pocono State Park. The Pocono Outdoor Club collaborates with Big Pocono State Park to maintain its trails.

Seven Tubs Nature:

The ideal location for a trek through the woods is the Seven Tubs Nature Area. A hike through giant boulders and wooden bridges with waterfall views.

Delaware Water Gap:

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers a singular opportunity to experience serene landscapes, rich human history, and striking scenery along 40 miles of the longest free-flowing river east of the Mississippi. It is located within the most densely populated region of the United States. The park offers year-round activities for hiking, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. Plus, you’ll find plenty of ski resorts, paintball fields, canoeing trips, winery visits, golf courses, and much more!




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At Countryside Cottages, we love pets! Service charge fees for up to two pets start at only $25 for the first two nights, $5 for each additional night, and just $40 for a week’s stay. While enjoying our picturesque grounds with your pet, we ask that you keep them on a leash for their safety as well as the safety of all other guests. For any further questions concerning our pet policy, please contact our office. We hope you have a purrfect stay!


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